Creating a motivational poster - use your own photo or the ones that the site provides - THE best photo editing tool ever! (my students say so!)

Picmonkey - similar to (many effects, overlays, text etc)

PhotoFlexer - upload a photo and edit it; save to your PC

Combining photography, thinking and writing
PicLits -select a photo and write words on it; save to your PC

Psykopaint - Create art using photos

Laza - edit the photo and save it (right click, Save Picture As) and done! - excellent photo effects with just a click! No signup requuired. Simply SAVE to PC

Picfull - add 18 different effects to your photos

Mess My Photo - Lots of effects to apply to your photo! (night vision, old photo, sketch, inkify and so many more)

Flame Painter - create your own paint and then save to your PC. Check out the gallery , too!

iPiccy - edit your photos (lots of effects and editing tools!)

Imagenoid - add effects to your photo

PosterMyWall - play with backgrounds, collages, photos!

Thumba - crop, invert colors, posterize, add many effects

AnyMaking - add effects to your photos and edit them online

PHOTO resources:

Flickr CC - Creative Commons images from Flickr

Flickr Storm - Type a word and find hundreds of photos to convey it

Another Flickr CC search engine

Spell with Flickr - Type a word and Flickr will provide you with photos illustrating each letter

Image Base - Free photos and templates for PowerPoint

Kave Wall - Amazing, high quality photos you can use in your presentations

Image Abstraction - Beautiful high resolution backgrounds, textures and patterns. Provide the link back even if it is free.

Morgue File - Excellent photos. Search and then use the Download button

Fotopedia - High quality photos: right click and download

Free Pixels - Beautiful photos grouped in categories. Click on the picture and then on Download Full Size.

Pics4Learning - Free photos; choose your tag and!

Public Domain - Over 5,000 photos for free; some contain logos so do not use them (copyright issues).

Free Foto - Type your word in the upper left corner and find the photo.

Free Digital Photos Net - Either type your word and search or choose from a gallery.

TeacherLibrarian wiki - Copyright Friendly Images links

Photo Pin - CC Flickr photos; give link to attribute the photo