PYP inquiry unit: Wild and Free!Nat_Geo.jpg

Food Chain - explanation and examples
Food Chain Game
Food Chain Game 2 - Interdependence of the species
Food Chain Game 3
Food Webs

Map of the World Biomes (habitats) - Animal Planet
Habitats: Simplified Explanations (WWF)
National Geographic - Habitats (deserts, grasslands etc)
Habitat MAPS:
Tundra and ice sheets
Grasslands Ocean life
Fresh water (National Geographic)

Build an online habitat - Switcher Zoo
Create a new animal for this habitat - Switcher Zoo
Habitat Maker - from
Design a Habitat for the Black Footed Ferret

Top 10 Animal Adaptations - From Animal Planet
Animal Adaptation - choose an animal;see how it adapted to its habitat
Animal Adaptations - game; check your knowledge

Exploring nature - Everything about habitats, animals, survival
Kids' Corner
National Geographic Kids

San Diego Zoo

Endangered Animals Game

PYP Inquiry Unit: OUR CITY

Qwiki: What is a city?

En.Vionto: City - interactive visual organizer

Toporopa: Explore European cities - Explore cities around the world through photos! - World cities map High quality panoramas of world cities

Google Maps - We learnt how to create maps . Review tips here:

Earth Web Cameras - Get to watch cities and places all over the world live! I SEE/ I THINK/ I WONDER

Scribble Maps - Draw, write and edit maps from Google! Save and embed in the class blog.


City Creator - Build a simple city using these shapes

City Creator 2

My New Town

PYP Inquiry Unit: Can, May, Must

Declaration of Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights from Seth Brau on Vimeo.

UNICEF videos

The story of UNICEF

UNICEF Convention of Children's Rights

UNICEF - Children's Rights (interactive presentation)

Know Your Rights (game)

UNICEF - World Heroes (game): Become a Volunteer

UNICEF - Helping Children Around the World

UNICEF Photo Stories

UNICEF videos

DATA about children all over the world (nutrition, education, health etc) - ChildInfo

Our teacher friend from Uganda - Richard Mwenyi - and the video and photos he sent to us (Thank you, Kim Sivick for enabling this connection!)


This is the Google Document Richard completed for us (he gave us answers to our questions).

PYP Unit: The Challenges of Change

Heroes - The Tank Man

Rosa Parks (biography)

Ruby Bridges - Movie (part 2)

Ruby Bridges website
The Misfits

Inspirational People

Everyday People - CNN Heroes

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