dr_seuss.jpgFICTION and POETRY

SillyBooksNet - Read, listen to and view stories

Signed Stories - Read, listen to and view stories

Storyonline.com - Stories read by actors; read and view them!

Tumble Book Library - Lots of great stories!

Magic Keys - Many interesting stories with illustrations - thanks Ioana for the suggestion!

Children's Books Library - Another great resource, also recommended by Ioana :)

Storytime for Me - Great website! watch, listen, turn the pages

Smories - Stories and poems read by children for children!

Animated stories - You can even embed them in the blog!

Speakaboose - Stories, songs and interactives

MeeGenius - you can read or be read to; text is highlighted as it is read!

Comics galore!


Big Universe - Amazing books on sharks, stars, our body, and everything you might be interested in!