Wonderopolis - Amazing website to sparkle your curious nature!

Qwiki - Learn about nearly everything through beautiful videos and photographs!

Dogo News - News from around the globe (science, entertainment, sports etc)

Hidden Heroes - Fantastic virtual exhibition exploring the secret histories of everyday objects

HistoryPin - Compare photos and stories from anywhere, add yours, see timeline etc

Life Is - Amazing videos and photo slideshows by BBC Earth; learn about the world around you!

See the 7 Wonders of the World in a 360 view! Click on each and be amazed...

Take a tour of the Moon (with beautiful photos from Apollo 17)

See how Mt. St. Helens changed in years!

See how it feels to swim alongside a blue whale! Turn the volume on! Amazing!

Check out dinosaurs while turning the volume on! Look and listen!

The scale of the Universe and Magnify the Universe: See our universe from the smallest atom to the edge of space!

Space Station Kids - get inside a space station and learn everything about it!

Google World Wonders - a multimedia encyclopedia of 132 notable sites across five continents