Telescopic Text - One of the most powerful ways to improve your writing

ReadWriteThink Flipbook interactive - take notes, make picture books, create question and answer booklets

Scholastic Interactive Story Starters - Write online by spinning wheels!

Super Sentence Machine - Click a book and..begin!

1,000 Ideas for Writing - A topic sentence to help you write!

Fill-in stories - Add speech parts and generate the story!

Character writing - Choose a character (picture) and write on!

KeerPoof - Write a card, tell a story and many more!

Writing Fun - Examples and step by step instructions

Create your own superhero and ...start writing his adventures!

Use FuzzMail to write an e- mail to a character, to the author, to your future self etc.

ReadWriteThink- Write a letter using this interactive

ReadWriteThink - Stapless Book : create an eight-page folding book (take notes, make picture books etc)

Easy Story Maker from Scholastic (interactive, suggested by Iustin! :)